Dad Stuff

Dad Stuff: The successes, misadventures and thoughts of The Uncool Dad.

Dad of Three, Uncool (Uncle) of two, I am the Uncool Dad.

The long and short of it is (and please don’t judge, after all we’re only just getting to know each other), I have two children from a previous relationship, boy G (12yo) and girl E (11yo), two step-children of my Missus (who is awesome), boy S (9yo) and girl S (6yo), and we have a two year old together Boy B.

When these forces combine, I AM CAPTAIN PLANET!

Well, The Uncool Dad. But close enough. Tight red pants.. Mullet.. (no mullet)..

Let me explain the name. My step-kids were very young when their mother and I first began courting (fancy terminology). To avoid any confusion and potential identity crisis for them, we decided that they would call me ‘Uncle’ and that mine would call the Missus ‘Auntie’.

As time passed and we grew closer as a family, the family drawings of acceptance began to appear and below my amazing stick-portrait was the word “Uncool”. This wasn’t a way of insulting me and getting away with it, it was their attempt at spelling the word “Uncle”, an attempt which humorously stuck – hence The Uncool Dad.

After watching the Deadpool movie, I wanted to be called “Dadpool” but it didn’t run with the missus.

So here we are. Welcome, please enjoy and please get involved (I get lonely).

Emil – The Uncool Dad