Paris For The Weekend – The Missus’ 30th Birthday Getaway (Vlog)

The Uncool Dad takes the Missus to Paris for her 30th Birthday Getaway Break

Every year, it’s turned into a bit of a tradition that for my misses Rufina’s birthday, the two of us would head to Brighton along the south coast of the UK for the weekend. This year however, being her 30th birthday we had to do something a little bigger. Hello Paris!

For the record, we LOVE Brighton but I think the main reason that we’ve been there so frequently for her birthday though is more because of the time of year that her birthday falls: Christmas week. The two of us usually end up going away the week before Christmas. Firstly, traveling to anywhere the week before Christmas is bloody expensive. Secondly, who isn’t broke by the time Chrimbo rolls around?!

This year was a little different though. It was her 30th so I wanted to do something magical. Yeah I said it: MAGICAL! Queue some extreme budgeting and we were off the ground. Initially, the plan was to go to Iceland to witness the Northern Lights and bask in the Blue Lagoon whilst the hot springs worked their way into my crack. Unfortunately, the more the Missus thought about it, the cold put her off the idea so the back-up magical option was to do do Disneyland Paris. Yep, that’ll do.

Whilst trying to plan the Paris trip, almost everyone I spoke for advice to told me that Disneyland needs to be a trip on its own so if we intend to see the city, scratch off Mickey and co and plan that for a later date. This couldn’t have been truer as the first day of the three that we were there was a complete wash out and we couldn’t leave the hotel until about 7pm. The Missus was more interested in the sights and culture of the city so Walt would have to wait although depending on how the next few months go, we could be going sooner rather than later 😉

Anyway, Paris was pretty dope. Prior to our visit, I heard a lot of people say that Parisians are knobheads but they were nothing short of awesome to us. Dare I say it, on the whole they’re even friendlier than my fellow Londoners!

Despite being extremely dense with shops upon shops upon shops, the city has a lot of history, heritage and distinct culture that it is clearly proud about and on display for the world to see and although we managed to see a lot in the two days that we had clear weather, two days was only enough time for a taster and not nearly enough time to soak in the city and it’s culture properly.

The Missus had an awesome time though. She was happy so I’m happy. Mission accomplished.

Emil aka The Uncool Dad

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