Christmas Market in Leicester Square (Vlog)

Christmas is coming and it’s definitely beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Last year, I wasn’t really feeling Christmas and I’m not sure what changed but this year I’m on it!

Maybe it’s because the Missus’ birthday is a few days before the big JC’s so there’s definitely a seasonal feel associated with it and this year is a huge milestone for her so alongside her family and my sis, we’ve planned a big one! So looking forward to that I’m guessing has got me jingling my bells.

The Missus and I did some errands including going to the bank and doing the post office run to send some orders from her business before stopping off at Cafe Nero for breakfast then picking up Benji from pre-school in Soho.

Following that, we took Benji home for some lunch where James met us. We ordered some Dominos pizza (although the screwed my order up BIG TIME) before doing a charity shop run. James then left us then the Missus and I went to visit the Christmas Fair in Leicester Square although the Benji fell asleep on the way.

Although it would have been awesome for him to see, sometimes he can be unpredictable, especially when he’s tired so it was probably for the best that he napped. At least the Missus and I enjoyed ourselves 🙂

Also, big thanks to Matt for the new hat!

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Emil aka The Uncool Dad

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