Toy Review: Scalextric Touring Car Battle

The Uncool Dad reviews his very first Scalextric set with the family

I’m an 80’s baby. Toys were way simpler when I was a nipper. He-Man, Transformers, Centurions, Thundercats, Sega Master System, NES.. that was my time. We even had a Vetrex! What do you know about that?!

Scalextric. State of the art racing simulator of the 80’s and 90’s (next to Road Rash and OutRun). Now that was something that I never actually owned as a child but always wanted. My dad is Asian which meant I got the knock off version from Makro. I don’t hold it against him.. branding didn’t mean sh*t to him.. like I said, he’s Asian.


Anyway, recently we’ve seen a successful resurgence of retro gaming systems such as the NES and SNES so last week when we were sent as an early Christmas prezzie our (my) very own Scalextric Touring Car Battle set, I was more than chuffed but had to wonder: would it stand the test of time and how it would fair with entertaining the children of today, namely ours!

We had it sitting in the box for a week before we found the time to open it up and blog/vlog about it but once set up, I didn’t expect it to have the effect that it did on the kids.


The set is configurable to four different tracks and contains a Honda Civic and BMW 1 Series and hot damn does this thing pack a punch! From the get-go, from setting it up to teaching the children the technique of how to use the controllers, the kids were totally engrossed. Their over-enthusiasm even got annoying at times when they had to wait whilst I set up the shots for the vlog (shot on nothing fancy, just a Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus if you’re interested. Which you’re probably not. But now you know).


Needless to say, the kids absolutely frickin’ loved it! Normally, they’re very competitive and try to one-up each other to the point that they p*ss each other off but on this occasion, mis-haps were followed by massive Cheshire smiles and huge fits of laughter. ‘The hell was going on?!

Was this the difference between older, simpler multiplayer games and immersive, complicated video games?


But the point is, as you can see from the vid, Scalextric definitely does stand the test of time!

Big thanks to Fetch PR for sending us the set!

*NB: This is not a paid post.

Emil, The Uncool Dad

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