The Uncool Sneaker Dads Vol. 2 ft Jack Brint

The Uncool Dad interviews Jack “FuzzyBadFeet” Brint about sneakers and fatherhood

Online sneaker communities, like many other commuties connect you to like-minded individuals who share your interests and passions. I’ve met a lot of awesome people through these groups (and many an *rsehole too for that matter) including Rain and Jack. Many of these guys are in a similar position to myself: love trainers, love our kids, which is why I decided to interview these guys.. there’s a lot more to us fathers and a lot more to us sneaker enthusiasts. I just wanted to celebrate that.

Carrying on from last week’s debut of The Sneaker Dad interviews with Rain “Da Mask” Nelson, this week we speak to Jack Brint, a regular contributor to the Sneakerplay Facebook group which if you haven’t followed already, you need to (if you’re into sneakers. If not, ignore me, it’ll only leave you perplexed).

So without further ado..


The Uncool Dad: Who are you, what do you do?

JB: I’m Jack aka @Fuzzybadfeet, a 26 year old collector of nearly 10 years from Gloucester and I’m a shift manager for Tesco.

TUC: How long have you been a dad for and what’s your favourite thing about being a dad?

JB: I have been a dad for 4 years. The best thing about being a dad is waking up to someone who copies your every move and someone who will listen when you need ears the most.

TUC: I’m not sure about you but recently my son copied me after i dropped a P-bomb and when my missus dropped a S-bomb. Do you ever get scared of how much we actually influence our children’s behaviour?

JB: yeah its crazy! I can be in the car and have some music on, normally hip hop or rap music and just be singing or rapping along and he will without hesitation ask what the lyrics mean or just sing along and copy so I have had to start listening to less hip hop and more Little Mix haha.


TUC: Does your missus give you sh*t for buying kicks?

JB: My missus used to give me sh*t for buying kicks because I used to buy cr*p and never wear it but I have been more selective over the last few years. She’s a bit more understanding and she’s more involved with hunting for kicks with me now.

TUC: I love when a person’s partner encourages their passions and interests. Does she wear sneakers too? If she was a sneaker, what sneaker would she be?

JB: Jayde has a few pairs of Jordans and a pair of yeezys that get worn all the time! She has started to wear sneakers more and came to Sneakerbox Bristol last year with me, got to meet some of the guys and she really enjoyed herself! She will be coming to more events with me this year hopefully.. If Jayde was a sneaker she would be an Adidas Yeezy – comfortable with some cushioning at the back haha!

TUC: Top 3 kicks?

JB: My top 3 kicks are:

Jordan V pe Oregon ducks

Nike mag

Jordan V sunset 2006

TUC: What is a “Dad Shoe” to you and what is your ultimate Dad shoe?

JB: A typical dad shoe is hard to explain because people have become more materialistic so we are seeing dads in better kicks than we used to. My ultimate dad shoe would be something super-comfortable but nice and supportive, kind of like a footscape! They do not look the best on foot but they are so comfortable! I purchased a pair from Hanon for £50 and did 30 miles around London in them and did not even question taking them off.


TUC: Will/has your child inherit/ed your sneaker habit and how would you feel about your child buying expensive kicks?

JB: William knows that if or when I outgrow my kicks, he gets them all. He can do as he pleases with them but I hope he can carry on collecting. I wouldn’t really have a leg to stand on with him buying expensive kicks as I have done it myself but I hope he’s a bit more sensible and not go for 3/4 random pairs a month but more like 1 pair per month that he actually wants.

TUC: William is a lucky lad! So you think you’ll eventually stop collecting kicks?

JB: He is a very lucky lad! He knows that and knows getting nice shoes is a reward. He has to work hard for them. He has his day to day kicks but when he gets a nice pair he knows he’s been good and deserves them. Honestly, I dont think I will stop collecting sneakers. I have been about long enough now and I just enjoy the people and the looks I get when I have some heat on. I want to be the granddad wearing some mad heat and the kids think I am the cool old guy!


TUC: What is your earliest sneaker memory?

JB: I remember walking into All-Sports when I was 15 and they had a pair of black and red Nike Dunks on the shelf when they went into liquidation. They went down to £14 so I asked my mum if we could buy them and so we did. I went back a week later and they had the same style but in black and blue so I had to buy those too! My mum asked why did I waste my money with two of the same shoe but I had to and it kind of went from there. I also remember buying some black and white Nike Air Force 1s that were a half-size different from JD sports. I got them for about £20. I took them to Italy and back so many times and beat the hell out of them and absolutely loved them!

TUC: That sounds like that start of a habit that transcended into your love of Jordan 5s and buying so many different colours. Do you do the same for your son’s sneakers and buy multiple colours of the same shoe?

JB: It’s a lot harder with a child because some of the drops don’t come out in the smaller sizes but any colourway that comes out I try and grab in a few sizes. I have some toddler kicks just for when we have do have another baby, William, myself and the baby have them.


TUC: How have your sneaker habits changed since having a child?

JB: My habits haven’t really changed. I feel like I’ve just adapted more to having someone else to buy for. I won’t buy outside of my means no matter how badly I want a pair.. I need to put food and a roof over our heads before designer kicks on our feet. But when I do, I try and get us both a pair each so he doesn’t feel left out and gets more involved by unboxing on live streams for me on Facebook.


TUC: Would you ever consider giving him his own YouTube channel for unboxing kicks? It seems to be a bit of a hot topic at the moment but what’s your view on people sharing content of their children on social media?

JB: I find it tough. I agree that it’s a bogey area but I think parents upload pictures of their kids all the time. I would do a YouTube channel for him but I’m so lazy haha! And I couldn’t be bothered with the equipment and editing involved.


TUC: Describe a memorable sneaker story that your child was involved with?

JB: So I worked for Nike between 2009 and 2014. In 2011, my grandfather Michael Brint was found ill and passed in December. I went straight from work in my Prestos to see him but he passed later that day. Two weeks later, my partner gave birth to our first son who we named William Michael Brint. That day, I wore the exact same shoes and haven’t wore them since.

TUC: Wow that’s deep. Thank you for sharing something so close to you bro. What have you done/will you do with the shoes?

JB: They will stay with me. They are in a box and they will remain in the box.. probably won’t be worn again but I’m glad I still have them. My mum wanted me to chuck them out when I lived at home with her. As you know, Prestos smell after a while haha.

TUC: What are your thoughts on young teens queuing and camping for sneakers?

JB: I think it’s a tough subject because people have died for kicks and obviously we want best for the younger generation but I also find that they shouldn’t be skipping school for something that they wear on their feet. As a father, if I went to a drop and I see a younger person struggling, I think I would help out as I would hope if William went to a drop, someone would do the same for him as we are all there for the same reason and for the same passion. William wouldn’t be going by himself until hes at least 18 so I know he’s safe.

A massive thanks to Jack for taking the time out to share his thoughts, experiences and photos! If you or anyone you know would like to get involved with the Sneaker Dad conversations, drop me a line!

Don’t forget to follow the blog (hit follow on the right side) as well as on Insta. And make sure to follow Jack on insta at Fuzzybadfeet.

Back next week..

Emil, The Uncool Dad.


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