We Were Only Supposed To Go Out For Lunch..

The Uncool Dad Takes The Missus And Their Youngest For Lunch In Holborn And End Up On The South Bank


Earlier this week, the Missus and I took our youngest son Benjamin to My Old Dutch in Holborn for lunch. I ate too much (honestly, check the size of the pancake, it was called the “My Old Dutch” for anyone that cares) so we decided to go for a “short walk”.

***Video at the bottom of the page***

We ended up heading down through Covent Garden, over Golden Jubilee Bridge by Embankment, down the South Bank and back up over Westminster Bridge. From there, we went through Whitehall Place, up through Trafalgar Square, back through Covent Garden then finally home in Holborn.

Living in the heart of London, it’s really easy to take for granted what’s within walking distance of our home. More exploring needs to be done methinks..


I wanted to start vlogging properly last month when we went to Durdle Door for my birthday. This might sound like an excuse but I was supposed to have received a gimbal (stabiliser thing for silky smooth videos) at the end of June and I kinda didn’t want to create camera facing video content until I could make videos that won’t give you motion sickness. Unfortunately, the company is taking forever to ship because of delays due to a tsunami (or so they say) in Asia.

Saying that, the more time I spend out with the family, the more I find that I’m filming moments more and more rather than just taking snaps. Maybe it’s because my Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus has an expandable memory so I don’t need to worry about running out of disk space?

Either way, even without the Gimbal, I figured I might as well keep creating vids with the content that I do have at my disposal to get used to video editing (iMovie on my iPad Pro) until the blasted thing arrives.

The Uncool Dad

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